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Queer Money

Nov 5, 2019

Okay, you’ve made the commitment to pay off all your credit cards. You want them done and gone. Then, what do you do? You’ve got several credit cards with different balances and different interest rates – though all high-interest rates.

How do you pick which credit card to pay off first, then second, then third and (well – we could go on and on)?

For most people, wanting and even deciding to pay off their credit cards isn’t the problem. It’s picking which strategy to use to pay off their credit cards and deciding which to pay off first. Then, sticking with that strategy until all their credit card balances are $0.

On this Queer Money®, we’ll talk about the two most popular strategies for paying off credit cards, neither of which are as good as the third, exclusive way to pay off credit cards that we’ll share. Then, we’ll tell you exactly how to decide which strategy will work best for you and pick that first credit card to pay off.