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Queer Money

Jan 31, 2023

This week on Queer Money we're answering a listener question about caring for a disabled spouse and preparing in case you pass away before them. 

We share tips on what tools and services you need and some things to consider when it comes to social security. 


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Jan 26, 2023

Healthcare in America’s ugly.

But a new study suggests that healthcare in the queer community may be better than we think. 

Data from The Motley Fool Debt Free Guys LGBTQ+ Money Study is encouraging and we discuss some of that on this bonus episode. 

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Jan 24, 2023

On this week's Queer Money, you're invited into a Debt Free Guys family discussion on whether or not we need a financial advisor. 

We're talking active versus passive investing and which might be better for us in our current situation. 

Are you using a financial advisor? 

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Jan 19, 2023

When asked if they invest outside of a retirement account for The Motley Fool/Debt Free Guys LGBTQ+ Money Study, a plurality or 44% of LGBTQ+ respondents lead by transgender respondents, at 56%, said they do.

Many LGBTQ+ folks don't invest because they don't know where or how to invest or don’t feel comfortable with...

Jan 17, 2023

Some cities are open for business to LGBTQ+ people. And some are not.

But the cities that ARE tend to be more economically dynamic, innovative, attractive to high-skilled workers and have a higher quality of life.

So, which cities are more open to the queer community? And which ones aren’t?

George Perlov serves as...