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Queer Money

Jan 22, 2019

At the end of our lives, we tend to regret the things we didn’t do, the opportunities missed, the risks we didn’t take. Yet in the day-to-day, the familiar holds us back. We stop ourselves from pursuing ‘crazy ideas’ and chase the cultural idea of what it means to be successful. But what if success is less about wealth or fame—and more about living the life you want? What if taking a leap could help you discover the real you? Don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a shot? Justin McCarty was living in Denver, working 60 to 70 hours a week at a job he’d had for 12 years. He made a lot of money, but he was constantly connected to his phone and had very little free time. On a trip to Barcelona, he felt an overwhelming sense of liberation and got curious about making his vacation a little more permanent. Today, he is living and working in Spain, teaching English and experiencing a level of joy he never dreamed possible. On this episode of Queer Money, Justin joins us to explain how he made the decision to move to Barcelona, sharing what his life was like in Denver and how his priorities shifted after experiencing Spanish culture. He shares the logistics of moving to a foreign country and his experience as an ex-pat living in Europe. Listen in for Justin’s insight on acclimating to a new culture and learn how he is achieving new levels of happiness and confidence in beautiful Barcelona!