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Queer Money

Dec 2, 2019

Think you’ve got to be rich to afford three months in Europe? The truth is, you CAN live a geoliberated lifestyle and enjoy extended adventures like the one we’re planning to Spain this winter. All it takes is some simple preparation. So, what are the three big things we did in advance to make our travel dreams a reality?

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing the three steps we took to pursue the geoliberated lifestyle that makes three months in Spain possible for us. We explain how we built a business that allows us to live and work from anywhere and encourage you to take advantage of the gig economy, creating a web presence around your talents and interests.

We go on to discuss the conventional expenses we DON’T have, describing the freedom and flexibility that come with having fewer attachments—as well as the tradeoffs we’ve made that afford us the opportunity to be geoliberated. Listen in for insight around keeping travel money in an ‘arm’s length account’ and learn how we travel hacked our way to Spain with two roundtrip flights for just $187!