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Queer Money

Nov 19, 2019

How much have you given back to the LGBTQ community this year? You don’t have to have a lot of money to support the organizations that provide for the most vulnerable among us. In fact, a relatively small donation of $50 a month from each of us (that’s three NYC-priced cocktails) would add up to $9B! And if you can’t spare the money, there are other ways to give.

On this episode, we’re challenging listeners to give back—in whatever way you can. We discuss why the queer community needs so much help, shining a light on the LGBTQ youth, transgender and senior populations who need extra support and offering insight into some of the national, regional and local organizations dedicated to helping the queer community.

We go on to share some of the best ways to give, from recurring contributions to volunteer work to building brand awareness. Listen in for the details of our commitment to donate time and money to the LGBTQ community and learn how developing a plan to give back benefits YOU!