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Queer Money

Jan 16, 2018

Download the email copy to help end discrimination in Ohio here: LGBTQ Discrimination Didn't End June 26th, 2015 If you live in a place that affords legal protections to our community, you may not realize the extent of the LGBTQ discrimination that goes on in other areas of the country. There are 29 states that do not consider sexual orientation as a protected class, and three states go so far as to prohibit municipalities from passing non-discrimination protections. Not only do the LGBTQ members of these communities feel they cannot be themselves, they fear for their safety. Ending LGBTQ discrimination How do you convince a conservative legislature to introduce laws that would protect our community? The most effective strategy seems to be the economic argument—making the case that talent, opportunities, and billions of dollars are lost because of discriminatory state policies. And the best way to present that argument is through a coalition of businesses who value diversity and inclusion. Alana Jochum is the executive director of Equality Ohio and a board member of Ohio Business Competes, a no-cost, nonpartisan coalition of businesses that advocate for laws to protect the LGBTQ community in Ohio. Today she explains why so many young people are leaving the state, the power of the ‘business voice,’ and why discriminatory policies persist despite widespread support for LGBTQ protections. Alana discusses the approach used by Ohio Business Competes and the economic disadvantages businesses face in states without protections. She shares several of the challenges the LGBTQ community faces in suburban and rural areas, offering stories of LGBTQ discrimination endured by Ohioans with no legal recourse. Listen in and learn what you can do to support the cause through organizations like Ohio Business Competes, promoting legal and lived equality throughout the US. Get full show notes here: