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Queer Money

Jan 2, 2018

Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose makes absolutely no sense as a Queer Money™ episode title, but it’s the last day of 2017, I’m tired, I’ve had four margs and I’m headed to a NYE party in short order. But, Queer Money™ will be amazing in 2018. Hear why. Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a rose in 2018 First, happy new year, and happy 2018! 2018 is a big deal for the Debt Free Guys personally. By January 03, we’ll have sold our condo and moved into an apartment in downtown Denver. On 01/07, we go on the first of many business and personal trips, this one to Los Angeles and Palm Springs. We have several brand partnerships to announce this year. We’ll be in Puerto Vallarta in April, get married in June and travel to Ireland and Spain for five weeks around September 12.