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Queer Money

Feb 5, 2019

5 Unique Steps to Initiate the Money Conversation with Your Spouse Initiating a conversation about money is never easy. You may even feel a certain amount of shame around your financial situation and talking about it can be incredibly uncomfortable. On the other hand, you know how important it is to be on the same money page with your partner. So, how do you broach the subject with a significant other who is resistant to discussing money? Today, we’re sharing five unique tactics for initiating the money conversation with your partner. We explain how to soften the money discussion by blaming us or bringing it up in a quiet public place. We go on to offer insight into the value of exposing your own vulnerability first and focusing on how to achieve your shared hopes and dreams. Finally, we cover the strategy of sharing your feelings and concerns with the intent to find a solution for yourself. Listen in to understand the many benefits of having an open, honest conversation about money with your partner—and learn how working on your finances together leads to more happiness AND better sex!