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Queer Money

Jul 30, 2019

On this week's Queer Money we are joined by Thomas Tucker, another LGBTQ podcaster to discuss his journey as a podcaster.

Are you tired of the ‘people suck’ narrative that seems to rule traditional media? Wish someone was telling the stories of cool people doing amazing things? Even better, what if someone was amplifying the diverse voices within the LGBTQ community, the kind voices we don’t usually get to hear?

Thomas Tucker is the creator and host of the Uncensored Visionary, a podcast highlighting badass people in the queer community to explore what makes us so incredible and diverse. Beyond the podcast, he works full-time in finance, chairs a nonprofit group of young professionals, and does marketing for R&B singers that deserve to be heard. Today, Thomas joins us to define what it means to be an uncensored visionary and explain what inspired him to start the podcast.

Thomas shares some of his favorite podcast guests, describing why he’s inspired by people who lift others up while growing their own talent. He also walks us through the steps he took to get started and offers insight around the effort he devotes to the show each week. Listen in to understand what Thomas has learned from being a podcaster and find out about Thomas’ long-term vision for the Uncensored Visionary!