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Queer Money

May 8, 2018

📱 Get full show notes here: Helping LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Flourish with Facebook Ads Facebook has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. But even with the #DeleteFacebook movement, the platform still has more than two billion active users worldwide. And the same data that was used for evil in the Cambridge Analytica scandal can be used for good to help entrepreneurs find their ideal customers. In fact, for LGBTQ solopreneurs and small business owners, there is no more affordable way to drive targeted traffic to your website—or physical store. Monica Louie is an online business strategist and Facebook ads consultant who works with ambitious online entrepreneurs to help them grow site traffic, build an email list and increase profits! After she and her husband paid off $120K in debt in two years on a single middle-class income, Monica began blogging about their journey. To monetize the blog, she created a webinar and set out to market the training course with Facebook ads. Monica mastered the platform quickly, securing webinar subscribers for a cost-per-conversion of $1.26, then refining the strategy to bring the cost down to $1.01. Soon others were asking for Monica’s help with Facebook ads, and in 2016, she sold her blog and became a full-time Facebook ads coach. Today, Monica offers insight on the recent Facebook controversy, explaining what the platform is doing to prevent further abuses of the use of data. She covers the basics of Facebook ads, discussing how to target a particular community, budget for A/B testing, and design an effective ad. Monica walks us through her five-step process for getting started with Facebook ads and discusses how brick-and-mortar businesses can take advantage of the Store Visit and Offer options to drive foot traffic to their stores. Listen in for more information about Monica’s Flourish with Facebook Ads course and learn how her private Facebook group can help you leverage the algorithm to find your ideal customers and grow your business!