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Queer Money

Feb 6, 2018

❤️Get full show notes: ❤️ Meet Becky Fawcett, founder of Help Us Adopt Becky Fawcett’s 12-year-old son jokes by asking, “How many babies did you have this year?” Becky answers, “I had a lot of babies this year,” to which he replies, “You look good.” Such is the life of the founder of Help Us Adopt. The Start of Help Us Adopt In 2017 alone, Becky and her organization, Help Us Adopt, gave grants that helped 38 families adopt 41 children. Founded in 2007, Help Us Adopt is the nation’s only non-discriminatory adoption grant program. The nonprofit helps individuals and couples—regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation—with the adoption cost by awarding grants up to $15,000. Help Us Adopt supports domestic, international and foster care adoptions, and the organization doesn’t charge an application fee. In ten years, Help Us Adopt has awarded 230 grants totaling more than $2,000,000. Hear Becky explain the process of applying for a Help Us Adopt grant, and how you can get involved through peer-to-peer fundraising and the Faces of Adoption initiative. Today, Becky tells her own adoption story, explaining how her inability to have children led she and her husband to adopt. She shares the impetus behind Help Us Adopt, discussing the financial commitment involved in adopting a child and the way traditional adoption grant programs define ‘family.’ Becky speaks to how Help Us Adopt serves the LGBT community as well as the legal routes to adoption for LGBT families.