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Queer Money

Dec 12, 2017

Get the Early Retirement Checklist here: Financial independence & retire early Imagine a life in which you work because you want to, not because you have to. A life that affords you the freedom to escape ‘cube life’ in pursuit of your passion. That’s FIRE—Financial Independence & Retire Early and what Queer Money™ is all about today. Get the Early Retirement Questionnaire & Checklist and follow along. Reach financial independence & retire early with Gwen & J Gwen and J are the hosts of FIRE Drill, a podcast on which they discuss a wide range of topics in the Financial Independence|Early Retirement (FIRE) space, from real estate to online entrepreneurship to writing romance novels to Airbnb. Both Gwen and J have lucrative careers in tech, and they have been making use of automated savings systems for several years now. J’s FIRE journey helped her and her husband get out from under $100,000 worth of debt and amass $100K in savings in just a few years. Gwen’s six-year FIRE path will let her to quit her job in the Spring of 2018 at the age of 27. Today, Gwen and J explain the two most common approaches to reach financial independence & retire early, sharing how their plans have evolved over time to include real estate investment, stocks and entrepreneurship. They discuss how relationships with friends and family may change as you pursue reach financial independence & retire early and how the diverse FIRE community inspired them to start their podcast. Listen in to reach financial independence & retire early yourself! Get all the resources here: