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Queer Money

Jan 21, 2020

If you’ve never done a spending analysis, there’s a good chance you’ll be shocked to find out where your money is going. (For us, it was the $800 a week we were spending on gourmet groceries and dining out!) But once you KNOW what is sabotaging your financial security, you can stop spending unconsciously and start investing in what’s important to you.

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re discussing the value of doing a spending analysis to uncover what’s working and what isn’t in our financial lives. We explain the idea of spending outliers, sharing what blew our minds about where our money was going and how we realigned our spending habits according to our values.

We go on to share some of the spending outliers that surprised the students using our Credit Card Pay Off Plan and how they are using that information to improve their financial lives. Listen in for insight around the different spending analysis apps available and learn the benefits of using our free tool, the Debt Free Guys Spending Analysis.