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Queer Money

Feb 16, 2021

Full show notes: 

At least 100 people were killed and hundreds injured in the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. 1,250 homes, businesses and schools were burned, resulting in $2M of property damage (equivalent to more than $25M today). The city’s Greenwood District, affectionately known as Black Wall Street, was destroyed by a mob of thousands of white men. So, why are so few Americans aware of this history

Hannibal B. Johnson is an attorney, activist and independent consultant with expertise in diversity, inclusion and cultural competence. On this episode of Queer Money, Hannibal joins us to explain what Tulsa was like in the early twentieth century and describe the entrepreneurial spirit of the Black community in its Greenwood District. He walks us through the events surrounding the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, discussing what triggered the burning of Black Wall Street and how the African American community went on to rebuild. Listen in to understand how our history of systemic racism informs the current wealth gap and learn how YOU can help Hannibal build awareness of what happened in Tulsa 100 years ago.