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Queer Money

Nov 12, 2019

You’ve come into a little extra money. Maybe a tax refund, a bonus at work, or a check from your Aunt Mable for your birthday. Without a plan, you may be tempted to spend the unexpected cash on something frivolous, like a trip to Vegas. So, let’s think it through. What would you do with, say, an extra $5K?

On this episode, we’re sharing the top answers to this question in our Queer Money Facebook group. We applaud the responses focused on financial improvement (like paying off debt, investing and saving for an emergency) and discuss how to incorporate spending on self-care without going overboard.

We go on to talk about the idea of setting milestone rewards as you pay off debt and explain what WE would do with an unexpected extra $5K. Listen in to understand why the LGBT community struggles financially and learn how making money-conscious micro-decisions day to day is the key to improving your financial situation—whether you get a $5K bonus or not!