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Queer Money

Sep 28, 2021

Show notes:

Topics Covered on this Queer Money episode:

  • What it means to achieve financial independence (and how it’s different from being independently wealthy)
  • How Robert Kiyosaki defines wealth as having investments that cover your living expenses
  • The freedom that comes from not having to work for someone else
  • How financial independence allowed John to walk away from a ‘bad boss’
  • Why the queer community isn’t pursuing financial independence with the same vigor as the general population
  • Why it’s a mistake to opt out of smart investments because you distrust capitalism
  • How cascading homophobia and legacy financial exclusion make it more challenging for the LGBTQ community to achieve financial independence
  • What we can do to encourage more queer people to seek financial independence
  • Where to go for inspiration and resources around achieving financial independence

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Tools and Resources:

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