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Queer Money

Sep 24, 2019

What does it take to be successful? One way to figure it out is to talk to successful people (LGBTQ and otherwise), find out what they do—and then do THAT.

Martin Eiden is a top producer in the New York real estate space, selling nearly $1B in property to date. In 2017 alone, he sold a property every 10 days for a total of $55M in sales! With 20 years in the business, Martin is known for his attention to detail, candidness with clients and focus on excellence. He began his professional career in architectural engineering, designing skyscrapers, airports, hospitals and laboratories in the US and abroad before transitioning to real estate.

On this episode of Queer Money, Martin joins us to discuss the driving force behind his success, explaining his philosophy that if you do what you love, the money will follow. He walks us through his morning routine and describes how the process makes him a leader in his field. Listen in for Martin’s insight around the value in hiring a coach and learn how his success gives him the time freedom to travel and spend quality time with his husband and son!