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Queer Money

Apr 30, 2019

On this Queer Money we talk about Financial Independence and the first step we took to achieve it. What’s most important to you? Impressing other people with the latest Prada shoes? Or giving back to the LGBTQ community? Financial independence IS achievable for each and every one of us, but the first step is getting clear on your hopes and dreams so that you can spend money in an intentional way on the things that matter most. On today’s episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing our definition of financial independence and explaining how we established our personal priorities around retirement, travel and giving back—and budgeted accordingly. We also offer insight on why many in the queer community struggle with financial independence and explore the difference between being rich versus being wealthy. Listen in to understand how financial independence allows us to live life on our terms—and learn how to make choices based on your values that guide you to financial independence!