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Queer Money

Apr 21, 2020

You wouldn’t road trip from New York to LA without a map of some kind, right? And yet, most of us treat our financial lives this way, hoping that we’ll make it to where we want to go without a plan of any kind. So, what does long-term financial planning look like?

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re addressing a listener question (thanks, Alyssa!) around creating a long-term financial plan. We introduce the top excuses we hear for not having long-term goals and walk you through examples of the different kinds of financial goals, from immediate or daily objectives like cutting grocery expenses to 20-year plans to save for retirement.

We go on to discuss the results of the Queer Money Facebook survey on big financial goals, sharing the medium- and long-term targets that the members of our community are working toward. Listen in for our advice to Alyssa on building long-term financial security, reducing the risks associated with investing, and supporting organizations that provide services to the LGBTQ community.