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Queer Money

Feb 28, 2018

Show Notes Here: Should you file bankruptcy on student loans? “I’m the only bankruptcy lawyer I know of who actively tells people not to file bankruptcy on student loans. I think that bankruptcy is a really good tool in the right situation, but it’s not the only tool out there,” says bankruptcy attorney, Jay Fleischman. File bankruptcy on student loans or something else? Why you might not want to file bankruptcy on student loans. If you’re one of the many collapsing under the crushing student loan debt, a little guidance is in order—and to file bankruptcy on student loan debt may not be the right option. Jay Fleischman is a bankruptcy attorney with 22 years of experience helping people get into a better financial space. Jay’s practice focuses on student loan resolution, and he serves clients through Consumer Help Central and the Student Loan Show podcast. Jay shares his take on the gravity of the student loan crisis and whether you should or shouldn’t file bankruptcy on student loans. He explains the difference between federal and private student loans and why people choose private lenders despite the lack of protections. Jay clarifies when your student loan obligation ends, the benefits of taking out term life insurance to cover student loans and how the policies of the current administration impact student loan borrowers.