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Queer Money

Feb 20, 2018

Show notes and FREEBIES here: We buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries with good intentions of cooking at home, and then we get busy and spend as much eating out. It is possible, though, to go from this chaos to controlled spending. The school of Groner will take you from your chaos to controlled spending We know what we could do to save money, but the overwhelm of life gets in the way. This disorganization and chaos lead to more and more spending—and it’s like we can never get ahead. Rosemarie Groner of the has been there. She and her husband both worked as state troopers, and their demanding schedules coupled with chronic disorganization led to overspending. They needed a life overhaul. Using a methodical approach, the pair addressed one thing at a time and eventually reduced their spending by $23,000 a year. Now Rosemarie shares her expertise on her blog, helping others design their own fabulous lives, spend money on the things they care about and eliminate wasteful spending. Hear how you can take your life from chaos to controlled spending Today, Rosemarie shares her journey from chaos to controlled spending, explaining how she and her husband drastically reduced their spending. She discusses her methodical approach to change, focusing her energy on one thing at a time. Rosemarie offers advice on reducing your grocery budget, A/B testing to substitute without sacrifice and leveraging modern conveniences like delivery for further savings!