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Queer Money

Feb 13, 2018

Full show notes here: Heterosexual Privilege & Money Does heterosexual privilege exist and does it impact your money? Our Queer Money guest this week thinks so and explains how she benefited, and ultimately how she and her husband embraced frugality and learned to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of less.  This is easier said than done is our culture of consumerism, where we are constantly bombarded by the idea that having MORE will provide the fulfillment we crave. Liz and Nate Thames spent nearly ten years working good corporate jobs, making a lot of money—and spending it on fabulous clothes, fabulous evenings out, fabulous cars… Despite having the means to pursue this Rumspringa of spending, the Thames were still waiting for happiness to kick in. Four years ago, Liz and Nate decided to step out of the consumer loop and reimagine their lives. They adopted frugality and shifted their focus to spending only on the things that they valued most. By 2016, the couple had achieved financial independence, and they moved to a homestead in the woods of Vermont. Today, Liz shares the inspiration for her upcoming book, Meet the Frugalwoods. She explains the relationship between money and happiness and offers her take on the privilege, including heterosexual privilege, she benefits from. Liz discusses the tertiary benefits of her frugal lifestyle, sharing how it has strengthened her relationships and provided her with the clarity to focus on her highest and best purpose. Listen in and learn how to shift your priorities and start making conscious decisions about spending that allow you to appreciate the beauty of less and live your best life every day.