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Queer Money

Jan 23, 2018

Get Full Show Notes Here: On November 22, 1988, Gordon Church stopped at a gas station in Cedar City, Utah, where he met Mike Archuleta and Lance Wood. A few hours later, Church was dead because he was gay, his body dumped more than an hour north in Dog Valley. Why the Gordon Church murder you never heard of matters Targeted for being gay, Church had been raped, tortured, and bound with tire chains in the trunk of his own car before Archuleta and Wood drove him to a remote area of Millard County and brutally beat him to death with a tire iron. Writer and social worker Chad Anderson came across Church's story in his research of LGBT history in Utah. Having grown up gay and Mormon himself, Anderson felt a personal connection to Church and his story, and he resolved to make a documentary about the case. Today Anderson shares an overview of the Gordon Church story, explaining what is known about that night in 1988 and Archuleta and Wood's bizarre behavior in the hours after the murder. He discusses several of the friends, family and police officers he has interviewed for the documentary and how their lives were forever changed by Church's violent death. Anderson gives us insight into what it takes to make a documentary, the expenses involved, and his progress to date. He also speaks to why he chose the documentary format and its power as a visual medium. Listen in to understand the significance of sharing stories of gay hate crimes and how you can get involved in making sure that Gordon Church is never forgotten.