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Queer Money

Oct 17, 2017

in the wrong state can cause our community just as much trouble. Credit unions are financial cooperatives that serve the needs of a particular community, and Phillip is leveraging his 20-plus years in community development and organizational management to establish Equality Credit Union for the queer community. Currently, as president and founder of Equality Washington, Phillip has enlisted the help of industry leader Cisco Smith, president and CEO of Florist Federal Credit Union, to design and build Equality Credit Union help the LGBTQ community help itself. Together, Phillip and Cisco are raising the necessary resources to get Equality Credit Union on its feet. Today Phillip shares his inspiration for initiating the project, the products and services and LGBTQ credit union would provide, and how an institution like Equality Credit Union will reinvest in the community. Cisco shares why an aggressive fundraising campaign is necessary to start Equality Credit Union. Listen to understand the power of Equality Credit Union and how you can help the cause! Find the resources and more at