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Queer Money

Aug 11, 2020

Do you have a unique perspective on gay culture? Would you like to share your experiences with a community online? For Jacob Michael, creating a YouTube channel is about having a voice, and he uses the platform to share his take on issues in the LGBTQ community that no one else is talking about.

Jacob Michael is a popular gay YouTube star and social media influencer with nearly 22K subscribers and hundreds of thousands of video views. He got his start doing vlogs for fun, but his channel evolved into a space for exploring his own experiences the queer community. Today, he films videos on key LGBTQ social issues like body shaming, dating culture and mental health.

On this episode of Queer Money, Jacob Michael joins us to explain what inspired him to start a YouTube channel and walk us through the logistics of getting started as a creator on the platform. He shares how much time and money he’s invested in his channel, describing the different ways influencers can monetize once they’ve grown a following. Listen in for Jacob Michael’s insight on withstanding criticism online and learn what steps to take to share YOUR unique voice on social media!