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Queer Money

Mar 31, 2020

As part of the queer community, we were BORN to deviate from the norm. So, why do we feel pressure to conform to societal values when it comes to spending? Members of the FI/RE community are non-conformists around money, optimizing their finances to achieve financial independence, retire early and enjoy the freedom of doing exactly what they want with their time. Curious how YOU can be a part of this special breed of unicorn?

Court is one-third of Modern FImily, a financially independent lesbian family on a mission to help others achieve financial freedom. Court and her partner Nic went from $110K to $1M in net worth in nine years and achieved financial independence in 2018. Today, Nic stays at home full-time with their daughter and Court works part-time, and they hope that sharing their experiences will inspire others to join the FI/RE community.

On this episode of Queer Money, Court joins us to discuss how she approaches finances like a game and share her very simple (but super-powerful) way to track spending. She explains how she was introduced to the FI/RE community, describing how she and Nic spend according to their values and get the most bang for their buck doing the things they love. Listen in for Court’s insight on how being LGBTQ impacts her FI/RE journey and learn how YOU can leverage being a non-conformist to improve your financial life!