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Queer Money

Nov 9, 2021

Do you feel obligated to spend money for the holidays? Yes, it is the season of giving. But if you’re taking on debt to buy gifts for friends and family, you may feel less festive and more stressed.

But what if you had a plan to pay off that holiday debt fast?

On this episode of Queer Money, we share seven quick tips for getting rid of debt as quickly as possible, challenging you to get crystal clear on WHY you want to pay off your cards and avoid accruing more debt.

Topics Covered 

  • 7 quick tips for paying off holiday credit card debt ASAP
  • How a clear WHY fuels you to keep working toward a goal when times get tough
  • 3 strategies you can use to stop accruing debt
  • Why we spend less when we use cash rather than credit or debit cards
  • The benefit of paying your bills on payday vs. waiting until they’re due
  • How to do a spending analysis to rein in overspending (e.g.: subscription services you don’t use)
  • Our advice on building an emergency savings and keeping the money at arm’s length
  • Our 5-step debt lasso method for paying off credit cards
  • Putting extra money (e.g.: holiday bonuses) toward credit card debt