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Queer Money

Mar 5, 2019

So, you’re at the bar and someone suggests a round of shots. You know that eventually, it will be your turn to buy, and you’d rather save the money for a trip you’re planning. But how do you say no to your friends? How do you overcome the peer pressure to spend? On today’s episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing five strategies to stand up to peer pressure and save money to pursue your hopes and dreams. We discuss the advantages of using cash as opposed to credit or debit cards and explain why it’s useful to have an entrance and exit strategy for enjoying a night out with friends. We go on to describe how Stephen Covey’s principle to begin with the end in mind applies in this situation, offering insight around how we prioritized our bigger goals in order to curb our margarita spending. Listen in to understand the value of an accountability partner and learn how to be up front with your friends about your money goals as you overcome the peer pressure to spend!