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Queer Money

Jun 25, 2019

On this week's Queer Money we talk with Alison & Ali about living their best lives. 

Do you ever dream of retiring early and traveling the world with your partner? You can make that dream a reality, but it does require careful planning.

Ali & Alison Walker are the creators of All Options Considered, a platform where they share their journey to financial independence and adventures in slow travel, most recently making their way through Southeast Asia. Today, they join us to explain what inspired them to retire early and what steps they took to achieve the financial freedom that makes their current lifestyle possible.

Ali & Alison weigh in on the concept of geoarbitrage, discussing how they make decisions around where to travel based on the cost of living and LGBTQ discrimination. They also offer insight into how they are financing their travel, what strategies they use to stay on budget, and how they get routine medical care in other parts of the world. Listen in for Ali & Alison’s advice on how to adopt a similar lifestyle and learn how you can retire early and travel the globe with your partner!

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