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Queer Money

Mar 26, 2019

Get more info here: You know the satisfaction you feel when your desk or your closet is totally organized? When you know you’re taking good care of your belongings and you have easy access to everything you might need? What if you could feel that same kind of confidence about your finances? On today’s episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing five steps to help you get financially organized. We discuss the importance of an emergency savings account, offering insight on how to put money away gradually to plan for unforeseen circumstances. We also explain how to create what we call a Happiness Budget, a financial plan that focuses your spending on aspirational goals that contribute to lasting happiness. We go on to address how getting banked can help you achieve your financial goals and why it’s crucial to save for retirement. Listen in to understand the types of insurance you might employ to protect against financial loss and learn how to ensure a secure future by getting your money ducks in a row!