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Queer Money

Oct 19, 2021

Full show notes: 

Would you like to be among the LGBTQ leaders who change the world for the better? What does an effective queer leader look like?

On this episode of the podcast, we share the five traits of an effective LGBTQ leader. 

Topics Covered 

  • Why we need more LGBTQ leaders in C-suite positions
  • How effective LGBTQ leaders own the fact that they’re queer
  • The benefit of being active in ERG or BRG affinity groups in your company
  • What distinguished confidence from arrogance
  • How to develop confidence by creating a path of micro-wins
  • How effective queer leaders under-promise and overdeliver
  • The danger in getting caught up in superficial drama
  • How effective LGBTQ leaders make it a point to give back
  • How to adopt the habits of an effective LGBTQ leader

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