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Queer Money

Jul 16, 2019

On this week's Queer Money we're talking about making more money! We often talk about how to cut expenses, but we also have to look at increasing income so we can thrive financially.

The beauty of the sharing economy is that you can earn money from things you already own. Got a spare bedroom? A couch? A tent in the backyard? You might be surprised how much you can earn by listing your space on Airbnb, Mrb&b, or any other short-term rental site. You might even choose to expand this model and build a business around the vacation rental model.

Zeona McIntyre is an Airbnb host, real estate investor and short-term rental consultant. In addition to her own six properties, Zeona manages another 20 listings and teaches aspiring STR hosts how to create their own automated businesses. She reached her financial independence number at the age of 28, and now Zeona has the freedom to travel the world and manage her vacation rentals from her phone or laptop.

Today, Zeona joins us to explain how she built a business around short-term rentals and what steps she took to achieve financial independence. Zeona shares the three ways to get started on Airbnb with little or no startup costs, discussing who’s the right fit for this business model and how much you can earn as a property manager. Listen in for Zeona’s simple, three-step process for becoming an Airbnb host and learn how to use the STR model to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom!