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Queer Money

Jan 7, 2020

When we asked the Queer Money community about their experience with New Year’s Resolutions, not a single person reported having ‘great success’ with keeping them. And only 27% said they stick to their resolutions ‘most of the time.’ So, how can we rethink the way we set goals for the New Year? And what steps can we take to evolve into our best selves in 2020?

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing three tips for turning your resolutions into a true New Year’s Evolution. We explain how your vision of your best self already exists and offer insight around gradually replacing your current habits with the behaviors of the person you want to be, be it a marathon runner or someone who’s financially secure.

We go on to discuss why it’s crucial to tackle one goal at a time and how an accountability partner (like the Queer Money Facebook Group) can help keep you on track. Listen in for advice on breaking your big goals down into bite-sized pieces and learn how you absolutely CAN achieve lasting change in 2020!