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Queer Money

Jul 23, 2019

Beginning in May 2019, John and I set out on the very first Queer Money Live tour. On this episode of Queer Money, we talk about what we learned on that tour by talking with LGBTQ people from 7 different cities across the North East. 

We need to start talking about money. To build a strong queer community with the financial resources to live our best lives and continue to push for equality, we’ve simply got to share what we know. So, how do we start the conversation and catch up with other communities?

On today’s episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing the 3 themes that emerged from the first leg of the Queer Money Live Tour. We discuss the recurring idea around spending to make up for the past, explaining how we develop attachments to things to mask our pain and why we spend to prove we’re lovable.

We go on to explore why the LGBTQ community seems to have accepted debt as a way of life, challenging you to look at whether you truly have an income problem or a spending problem. Listen in for insight into how sharing what you know helps our community make better financial decisions and get inspired to take on the Credit Card Interest Rate Reality Check!