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Queer Money

Mar 6, 2018

🏳️‍🌈 Show notes here: 🏳️‍🌈 Be empowered with your pink dollars ‘It’s the Super Bowl every day in the digital landscape world, and the brands that aren’t focused on creating an inspiring message to the LGBTQ audience—they’re missing a chance to shine.’ New research shows that your pink dollars are more powerful than ever. Sean Howell talks pink dollars and LGBTQ marketing Sean Howell is the Co-founder and President of Hornet, the world’s premiere gay social network. The platform recently released a research study in conjunction with Nielsen that explored the efficacy of LGBTQ-themed advertising on the queer consumer. The survey compared the effectiveness of inclusive marketing strategies with generic ads from the same brands, measuring engagement in terms of brand recall, familiarity, and affinity, as well as purchase and recommendation intent – the power source of your pink dollars. Sean shares the story of The Hornet, explaining how the network has grown to a remarkable 25MM members. He walks us through the key takeaways from the LGBTQ Ad Format Effectiveness Study, discussing the benefits for advertisers who show an affinity for the community. Sean describes how advertisers can appeal to the LGBTQ community to earn our pink dollars and why it makes business sense for businesses to do so.