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Queer Money

May 7, 2019

On this Queer Money, we chat with Jenn T. Grace about her path to becoming and Queer Entrepreneur. Are you an LGBTQ entrepreneur looking to scale? Or a queer business leader driven to build your own thought leadership platform? Then sharing your story in a book may be the best way to position yourself as an authority and attract the opportunities you need to grow. But how, exactly, does the publishing process work? Known as the Professional Lesbian, Jenn T. Grace is a business strategist, keynote speaker and bestselling author specializing in the LGBTQ market. Jenn believes that social change happens first in the workplace, and her consulting work focuses on guiding corporate, small business and nonprofit clients in navigating LGBTQ issues. Committed to helping people share their stories of adversity, Jenn’s most recent venture is Publish Your Purpose, a firm working to discover and publish purpose-driven authors with a story to tell and a brand to build. Today, Jenn joins us to explain what inspired her to create Publish Your Purpose, discussing the services and support the company offers as well as the kinds of authors she serves. Jenn describes how being a published author can benefit a business owner and shares the story her own entrepreneurial journey. Listen in for Jenn’s insight around leveraging the resources provided by the NGLCC and learn why it’s crucial to have clarity of purpose as an aspiring LGBTQ entrepreneur!