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Queer Money

Jan 15, 2019

How long have you wanted to be debt free? This is the year! The statistics are bleak: The average LGBTQ family has roughly $12K in credit card debt. We assume 17% more student loan debt than our straight peers—which translates to about $40K—and 79% of queer students have both credit card AND student loan debt prior to graduation. The financial burden of owing money also takes a toll on our mental and physical health, creating additional stress and diminishing our quality of life. So, it’s no wonder credit card debt is a leading concern of the LGBTQ community. Today on Queer Money, we’re addressing that concern with the Credit Card Pay Off Course available for a limited time through our website. We start by explaining how financial freedom serves as a way to RESIST, allowing us to spend money on education or organizations that support the queer community. We also share our objectives for the course, describing how removing the burden of debt can improve our outlook and allow us to work toward other financial goals. Finally, we walk through the main components of the Credit Card Pay Off Course, from instructional videos and reading material to easy-to-use checklists and tools to a custom Facebook support group. Listen in to understand how we used this system to pay off $51K of our own credit card debt in just 2½ years and learn how it has helped other couples and individuals prioritize financial self-care, save thousands of dollars, and lift the burden of credit card debt!