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Queer Money

Mar 10, 2020

Women face some challenging economic truths: They’re generally paid less than their male counterparts, they’re often the primary caretakers for both children and aging parents, and they’re targeted to spend on consumer goods by a culture that values material things over financial stability. Sound familiar to anyone in the LGBTQ community? So, how can we ALL build the wealth necessary to level the playing field?

Allegra Moet Brantly is the Founder and CEO at Factora Wealth, a platform designed to empower women to build real wealth through community, education and events. She spent nine years in corporate America, living paycheck to paycheck despite a six-figure salary, before reinventing herself as an entrepreneur. Allegra is passionate about helping women level-up their earning and investing potential to achieve financial freedom.

On this episode of Queer Money, Allegra joins us to explain what inspired her mission to help one million women reach $1M in net worth. We discuss the parallels between women and the LGBTQ community when it comes to money, and Allegra offers insight on the value of developing financial literacy within a community. Listen in for Allegra’s advice on spending in alignment with what brings you joy and learn some simple strategies for initiating the money conversation with your friends and colleagues.