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Queer Money

Jun 10, 2019

On this Queer Money, we're talking to Fred Norrell about his journey of discovery when it comes to credit card debt and paying it off. 

According to a recent CNBC study, a full 75% of Americans admitted to winging it with their finances. Fred Norrell was among that 75% until he invested in our Credit Card Pay Off Course, and today, he is on the road to early retirement. So, how has the course helped Fred become more aware of his spending and develop a plan to achieve financial independence?

On this episode of Queer Money, Fred joins us to share his experience with the Credit Card Pay Off Course, explaining what inspired him to take action now and why he chose our program in particular. He describes his shock in completing the Spending Analysis and discusses how unconscious spending contributed to his significant credit card debt.

We address the myth that debt will go away as you earn more, and Fred walks us through the aspects of the course that have been most beneficial—from the weekly calls to the Dynamic Budget. Listen in as Fred shares his dream of spending time on the beach in Fort Lauderdale and learn how the Credit Card Pay Off Course can help you eliminate debt and live the life YOU want!