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Queer Money

Dec 19, 2017

Get your Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist: Late-stage retirement planning If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and have yet to put money away for retirement, you’re probably feeling anxious and have a thousand questions. Get answers to all your late-stage retirement planning questions on this Queer Money™, and get the Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist. Will you need to work past 80? Are there alternate investment strategies you should try? What is the best way to start saving—today? Let Teresa help you with late-stage retirement planning. Late-stage retirement planning with Teresa Mears Teresa spent 30 years as a newspaper journalist before shifting to online publishing. She runs Living on the Cheap, a website for personal finance and lifestyle advice. Living on the Cheap is a city-specific network of sites to help residents have a good time without going broke.  Today, Teresa explores the reasons why people don’t plan for retirement and the difficulty of living on Social Security alone. She offers an approach to saving for retirement for those getting a late start and addresses concerns about finding work later in life. Teresa explains her take on using the cashflow model to earn retirement income, reverse mortgages, and overspending on ‘stuff.’ Complete show notes: