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Queer Money

Nov 21, 2017

Get the FREE Credit Score Checklist here: If you have yet to find a Sugar Daddy willing to pay off your debt, you may be forced to figure out your finances on your own—and knowing how to get the best credit score is the very first step. The best credit score and thick credit report Collin Brennan is a Senior Editor at Credit Karma. Today Collin covers the basics of credit scores and credit reports, explaining how scores are determined and why it’s important to check your scores regularly and how to improve them. He offers actionable advice on building a credit history if you have a ‘thin file’ and how to deal with potential data breaches. Listen and learn what qualifies as a ‘good’ score, the difference between a hard and soft inquiry, and the free tools available through Credit Karma. Get tips here to easily remember to pay your bills on time with our free checklist. Credit Karma is a free online service that affords you the tools, the education, and the opportunities you need to understand your finances. They provide free access to your credit scores, reports, and monitoring along with informative content that allows you to make informed financial decisions. Get more detail here: