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Queer Money

Jul 18, 2017

‘There is a boat load of money to be made in real estate investing if you do it right.’ If you are interested in retiring early – and who isn’t? – then it’s in your best interest to focus less on retirement savings accounts and more on a developing a CASHFLOW strategy. (Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki.) A recent Queer Money guest, Todd Tresidder of Financial Mentor, suggested incorporating real estate investment into your portfolio, and the Debt Free Guys’ inbox blew up with questions about how to get started. Enter Mindy Jensen, real estate investor extraordinaire. In addition to being Mrs. 1500, the better half of the 1500 Days to Freedom blog, and the lead story on CNBC Money, Mindy is the Community Manager for BiggerPockets, an online real estate networking platform that just reached the 800,000-member mark. BiggerPockets functions as a resource for real estate professionals, investors, and homeowners, and its associated podcast is the top real estate show on iTunes. Mindy has been investing in real estate since 1998, and she found her niche in the live-in flip space. She and her husband have been wildly successful working toward their goal of early retirement, building a portfolio of $1M and no debt in just 28 months and sharing their saving and investment strategies at 1500 Days to Freedom. Today Mindy offers her advice around finding your niche in the real estate market, choosing properties in and near gentrified neighborhoods, and how long a first-time home buyer should wait before investing in a second property. Listen in and learn how to incorporate real estate investment into your portfolio and achieve financial freedom! Get Resources and Tips at