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Queer Money

Jan 8, 2019

Get full notes here: If someone approached you in a coffee shop and asked about your favorite sexual position, would you be willing to share? What if they wanted to know your bank balance? While most of us are open to the topic of sex, money is considered taboo. Talking about our financial situation is deemed ‘too personal,’ and most of us carry around a lot of embarrassment about our money situation. So, why are we more inclined to discuss sex than money? Why do so many of us continue to struggle with money despite all the advice that’s out there? And why do we feel so much shame around being ‘bad with money’? Gaby Dunn is the writer, actor and New York Times bestselling author behind the YouTube comedy channel Just Between Us, the novel, I Hate Everyone But You, and the nationally-recognized podcast Bad With Money, a finance show for ‘the rest of us.’ Gaby brings a queer, feminist point of view to the money conversation, and her new book, Bad With Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together, explores our inability to speak honestly about money and offers practical personal finance advice like how to choose an insurance plan, buy a car, or take out student loans. Today, Gaby joins us to share her experience with being internet famous, discussing the fans’ assumption that creators make a lot of money and the demonetization of LGBTQ content. She explains the impetus for her podcast and book, offering insight on why people are turned off by traditional financial advice and the stigma around talking about money. Gaby also describes the systemic issues faced by marginalized communities and outlines some of the unique financial challenges among the queer community. Listen in for Gaby’s thoughts on ‘unwiring the carpe diem mentality’ and learn where to go for LGBTQ-specific money advice!