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Queer Money

Jan 1, 2019

Would you like to be debt free by 2020? If financial security is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got nine simple moves that will help you WIN the money game in 2019. We start with the concept of a Dinero Detox, explaining how to clean out your ‘money system’ by eliminating discretionary spending for a weekend—or longer! We go on to discuss retirement savings, sharing resources to help you track and grow your nest egg. We also cover credit scores, describing how our free tools can help you lower interest rates and ultimately pay off your debt more quickly. Finally, we talk about reducing your food spend, sharing the templates and apps we use to shop more efficiently and save thousands of dollars every year. Listen in for insight on planning your social calendar in advance and learn how to find freebies and discounts so you can have a fabulous life—for less—in 2019! Topics Covered Tip #1—Perform a Dinero Detox • Eliminate discretionary spending for the weekend Tip #2—Crunch retirement numbers • Take advantage of Magic Money Calculator Tip #3—Sign up for Blooom’s free portfolio analysis • Reduce fees and increase your potential return Tip #4—Complete the Credit Score Checklist • Better score = lower interest Tip #5—Use the Credit Card Comparison Calculator • Compare interest rates, pay off debt faster Tip #6—Utilize a grocery list and menu • Save thousands on groceries, dining out Tip #7—Download the AnyList app • Grocery list updates in real time Tip #8—Plan your social calendar in advance • Good quality of life AND control budget Tip #9—Get discounts/freebies with the Entertainment Book • Ideas for things to do, don’t pay full price For links to all the tools in this episode click here: