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Queer Money

Apr 9, 2018

🦄 Get your FREE journal here: 🦄 Living fabulously every day Are you tired of getting the same results day in and day out, year in and year out? Today, on Queer Money™, we’re sharing the five mental and spiritual exercises that we practice for living fabulously every single day. For help, click here to get your free Living Fabulously Daily Journal. 5 daily habits for living fabulously every day Meditate on living fabulously Every successful person Tim Ferriss knows meditates and journals John’s boss said, “Find out what successful people do, and do that.” Warm lemon water with ginger, cayenne and turmeric Meditate for eight to 20 minutes Meditating will change your life for two reasons It gives you space for calm, reducing stress and lowering cortisol Meditating challenges limiting beliefs Recite affirmations about living fabulously Recite aloud, emphatically and in first-person daily affirmations Affirmations create an audible imprint on our brains Recite personal and specific affirmations for five minutes each day List the daily goals that’ll help you with living fabulously List the most important things to do each day to start living fabulously The One Thing What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? Provides clarity, focus and efficiency Write down your daily gratitudes about living fabulously Journal what you’re grateful for every day Return to your gratitudes when your day presents challenges Journal five good things about each day about living fabulously Write down five things about that day that were good or great End your day on a positive note Lay the foundation for a good day tomorrow