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Queer Money

Feb 4, 2020

When should you start talking about money in a new relationship? We know that financial stress can have a negative impact on our relationships, while healthy money conversations can strengthen a couple’s connection—and even lead to better gay sex! But when is the best time to bring it up?

On this episode of the podcast, we’re sharing the results of our couples money conversation poll in the Queer Money Facebook Group, offering our insight on why talking about finances is crucial for couples who cohabitate and what questions it’s okay to ask early on in a new relationship.

We walk you through our top five money tips for gay couples, explaining why it’s best to have the initial money conversation in public and how to work together on improving your credit scores. Listen in to understand the benefit of opening a joint account for shared expenses, teaming up on your finances with the Honeyfi app, and setting mutual money goals as an LGBTQ couple!