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Queer Money

Dec 31, 2019

Is 2020 the year you’re going to get out of credit card debt and start working toward your big dreams? If you’re ready to achieve financial independence in the new year, we can help. In fact, we’ve got three big things on the horizon to support you in reaching your money goals.

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re sharing the three ways we’re helping the LGBTQ community in 2020. We explain why we’re reopening the doors to our Credit Card Pay Off Plan, walking you through the benefits of participating and where to go for more information. Available at

We go on to discuss why we’re incorporating more travel-focused content in 2020, sharing what we’ve learned about travel hacking so you can spend consciously and vacation more often. Listen in for insight around our commitment to offering an actionable money tip (with a rainbow flavor!) on each episode of the podcast moving forward and find out what we’re doing to improve your financial life in the new year.