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Queer Money

Nov 2, 2021

On this episode of Queer Money, we share our 13 best Christmas savings hacks, explaining how to decide who you REALLY want to buy gifts for and how much to spend.

Topics Covered 

  • How to decide who to buy gifts for and how much to spend
  • Why you don’t always have to give gifts that are brand new
  • When to shop to get the best deals on Christmas gifts
  • How to simplify the way you celebrate to focus on the experience
  • The 3 best places to shop for affordable fashion online
  • How to save money by shopping with discounted gift cards
  • The best apps for scanning products to find the best price
  • Our favorite subscription boxes to gift for the holidays
  • What Chrome extensions we use to find the best prices online
  • How to ‘get physical’ and make your holiday more active
  • How to learn about discounts by joining a retailer’s email list
  • Our ‘elf on a shelf’ strategy for getting Amazon discounts
  • Your right to opt out of celebrating in a commercial way